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Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce

$3.00 Released September, 2004

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Fantastic pepper flavor combination. Not too spicy. Available in multiple sizes (including 1 gallon).

The Cons:Fairly expensive. Hard to find in stores.

The McIlhenny Company, makers of the famous Tabasco brand hot sauce, have introduced a new, milder member to the family: Tabasco Garlic Pepper blend. This new blend uses the three types of peppers to achieve a smoother, more mellow, flavor while maintaining that distinctive tabasco flavor.

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Product Shot 2 Cayenne peppers are used to provide smoothness, a mellow red jalapeño is used to keep it a little less hot, and a small amount of the traditional oak-aged tabasco pepper keeps the flavor consistent with the Tabasco brand. To top it off, a healthy amount of garlic provides some added flavor.

The Tabasco Garlic Pepper sauce is gets a Scoville Unit Rating of 1200 - 1800, which means it's zesty with a medium heat level. This makes it hotter than the Tabasco Green Pepper sauce, but milder than the original Tabasco sauce. It is recommended that this can be served as you would original Tabasco on Mexican cuisine, pizza, and eggs, but, because of the garlic, it is an even better fit in Italian dishes. Available in 2 oz (59 mL), 5 oz (148 mL) and 1 gallon (3.8 L) sizes for approximately $1.10, $2.65, and $36.95 respectively.

The McIlhenny Company is based out of Avery Island, Louisiana and produces the world's most famous hot sauce: Tabasco. It is made from tabasco peppers largely grown in the Avery Island area, not, as often thought, in Tabasco, Mexico. The tabasco peppers are aged for three years in white oak barrels before being included in McIlhenny's line of hot sauces and condiments.

Ingredients: red pepper (cayenne, red jalapeño, tabasco), water, vinegar, salt, garlic.

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    Fantastic pepper flavor combination.

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    Not too spicy.

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    Available in multiple sizes (including 1 gallon)

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    Gluten & corn-free

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    Fairly expensive.

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    Hard to find in stores.

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dakalvia: #tabasco_garlic_pepper_sauce alright...you got me. I will try this haaaawsoooowssssssssss! I hope it brings me the GARRRRLIQUE session I crave. HABANERO!!!!!! Mar 16, 07
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Erik: #tabasco_garlic_pepper_sauce I'm a huge hot sauce/hot pepper fan and have sampled many varieties. This, is hands down the best hot sauce in the world! To give you an idea of how much I love this stuff, I bought a 2 oz bottle on Wednesday, and it was done by Thursday. It's a perfect amount of heat for those of you out there who are a little adverse to the whole hot sauce idea. The garlic adds another dimension of flavour. Trust me, you will find yourself putting this on pizza, pasta, eggs, sandwiches, chips (try it, it's awesome), fajitas, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, .... need i go on? Mar 16, 07
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