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POST Shreddies


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Healthy. Satisfying crunch.

The Cons:Doesn't taste very good (needs more sugar!).

Shreddies is a breakfast cereal sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand, produced by Post Cereals and General Mills, consisting of malted squares of inter-woven whole grain wheat. In Canada the cereal has been known for many years by its musical jingle, "Good Good Whole-Wheat Shreddies".

The cereal was produced under the Nabisco name until the brand in Canada was purchased in 1993 by Post Cereals and then later in 1995 by Kraft General Foods. Shreddies is also a slang term for mens underpants(UK) undershorts(US) Although not marketed in the United States, Kraft Foods has the trademark rights in the U.S.

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    Satisfying crunch

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    Doesn't taste very good (needs more sugar!)

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Ross Craig
Ross Craig: #post_shreddies The photo I took of Shreddies looks so more appetizing then the one on the box.
http://twitpic.com/511qz8 May 22, 11
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  • Yale

    Yale: I agree, great job! May 22, 11

dakalvia: #post_shreddies

Don't forget about Freddie & Eddie!   Maybe these characters are only in Canada.....hmmmmm

Jan 17, 08
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GT-D: #post_shreddies I like shreddies, but its been awhile. My cereal of choice is All-Bran Buds now. Jan 17, 08
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Jan: #post_shreddies The original version of Shreddies has no sugar in it or very little (if any). Tastes good with or without milk! Jan 16, 08
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