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Lucky Charms

$4.00 Released January, 1964

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Magically delicious. Crazy leprechaun on the box. Colorful box.

The Cons:Fairly bland for those with discriminating taste. Not enough marshmallows. Unhealthy.

Lucky Charms is a breakfast cereal that is manufactured by General Mills and was first introduced in 1964.  The cereal is made up of two components: 75% toasted and frosted oat pieces that are made from whole-grain and 25% colourful flavoured mashmallows.

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  The marshmallows in Lucky Charms come in a variety of shapes including hearts, stars, moons, clovers, diamonds, and the more recent additions of rainbows and balloons.  The cereal is known by the musical jingle 'They're magically delicious!' in TV commercials.  It is also available in a chocolate version in some countries.

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    magically delicious

  • 9

    crazy leprechaun on the box

  • 5

    colorful box

  • 5

    comes in a variety of shapes

  • 4

    widely distributed / available

  • 3

    limited edition marshmallows are often released

  • 1

    Just the right amount of sweet

  • 5

    fairly bland for those with discriminating taste

  • 4

    not enough marshmallows

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    targets and prays on children

  • 0

    "They're Always After Me Lucky Charms!"

  • -1

    marshmallows aren't all that flavorful

  • -2

    WAY too sweet

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vsaxena911: #lucky_charms BOO! Cereal is for suckers. Real men drink protein shakes for breakfast. J/K! Oct 1, 09
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