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Jolt Energy Drink

$2.00 Released January, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Many different flavors. Energy boost. The cans they are in are cool-looking and original.

The Cons:Doesnt taste that great.

Under the new moniker of CX2 and the battery style can, Jolt Cola was reborn in 2005. It boasts 140 mg of caffeine and 79 g of sugar in each of its huge 23.5 oz / 695 ml cans. The new "battery bottles" feature a resealable top and a new logo.

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The new flavors as part of the Jolt product line are Jolt Cola, Blue, Cherry Bomb, Red, Silver, and Ultra. Per unit volume, it contains twice the caffeine of typical cola (hence CX2), and, thus, is popular amongst gamers, programmers, hackers and teenagers.

The original Jolt Cola brand was featured in several movies in the 1990s including Hackers, Jurassic Park, and Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

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    many different flavors

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    energy boost

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    The cans they are in are cool-looking and original.

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    doesnt taste that great

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deathkenli: #jolt_energy_drink Red Bull, Full Throttle, and Rock Star they all taste like shit Nov 10, 07
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Erik: #jolt_energy_drink I was just at the local convenience store near the office, and I saw two teenagers each buying the largest, most *extreme* beverages I had ever seen. Then I recognized the brand from when I was a kid: "Jolt". I think this typifies the differences between mine and the new generation of teens. We had 355 ml can of this extreme cola beverage, and now it's just that much more extreme. I have a question: Are all kids hopped up on Jolt, Red Bull, Spike, Full Throttle, and Rock Star? How did that happen? Mar 7, 07
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