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Everyday Energy Shots

$45.00 Released September, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Goes great with OJ. Cheaper than most energy drinks. Can mix it with anything.

The Cons:Have to make the shots yourself instead of having them prepackaged. Slightly bitter aftertaste. Could stand to have some more caffeine per shot.

Everyday Energy Shots is an energy shot powder that is mixed with water, juice, or soda to create an energy shot. It combines energy and mental performance boosting ingredients to help you stay focused throughout the day.

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Product Shot 2 Just scoop out a serving, mix it with your favorite beverage in the provided reusable shot bottle, shake it up, and your good to go.

The powder form makes buying in bulk easier because each order comes with 60 shots worth of powder. The reduced packaging saves costs (Only $0.75 per shot) and reduces environmental impact. Best of all, it is just as powerful as a traditional energy shot and works even better with the added mental performance ingredients such as gingko, huperzine, and choline.

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    Goes great with OJ

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    Cheaper than most energy drinks

  • 6

    Can mix it with anything

  • 6

    Great for leaving at work desk

  • 5

    It's really powerful and the mental boost is noticeable

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    Nice to be able to buy 60 at a time

  • 3

    The reusable shot bottles are nice, and save wasteful packaging

  • 3

    Have to make the shots yourself instead of having them prepackaged

  • 2

    Slightly bitter aftertaste

  • 1

    Could stand to have some more caffeine per shot

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    There's always some powder that doesn't dissolve which looks weird, but it's fine to drink.

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