El Yucateco Salsa KutBil-ik de Chile Habanero

Don't be mislead by its deceptively innocent mottled brown color, this sauce is more than twice as hot as tabasco and has a much more versatile taste than vinegar based concoctions.

Rated at almost 12000 Scoville, it does pack a decent amount of heat but you can just pour a generous dose of this thick sauce on almost anything as its woody overtones and slightly fruity taste will add flavor to your meal, unlike vinegar based sauces that just end up obfuscating the taste.

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Being a very common condiment in the Southern States and Mexico, it is innexpensive and easy to find which is a good thing considering how fast a 4oz bottle end up being empty, it is that good...

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Haseung Cheeks Lee
Haseung Cheeks Lee: #el_yucateco_salsa_kutbil_ik_de_chile_habanero i tried this hot sauce two days ago...

anyother hot sauce is not hot and spices

however this hot sauce is verygood...

i put this hot sauce much as size of hot dog..

it didn't burn...

i just can say it is hot... but it won't burn me.. unless i wake up and drink that Sep 26, 09
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mrtwister: #el_yucateco_salsa_kutbil_ik_de_chile_habanero I have been buying El Yucateco sauces for a couple of years now. I just found the KutBil ik at my favorite small town Mexican grocery store. It is OUTSTANDING!! Good heat and delicious flavor. This particular store sells it for $1.59 a 4oz bottle, but I would expect to find it for about 3$. On that note, the Wal-Mart in the town I bought this, now sells the red and green El Yucateco sauces.

-Cheers! Aug 14, 08
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SilenceOmo7: #el_yucateco_salsa_kutbil_ik_de_chile_habanero Tobasco is disgusting, this sounds way better Oct 8, 06
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SidVicious: #el_yucateco_salsa_kutbil_ik_de_chile_habanero Yup, bought it today at a local "Gourmet" grocer in the March? Jean-Talon (that's in Montreal) for 3.50 loonies, you're likely to find in any South-American/Mexican/Caribbean store. Oct 8, 06
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Omar: #el_yucateco_salsa_kutbil_ik_de_chile_habanero This sounds delicious. I do enjoy Tobasco sauce, but I agree with the description about how the vinegary taste ends up overpowering the natural taste of the food, and not in a good way. Plus, normal Tobasco isn't even spicy, so all you get is the vinegary taste. I wonder if they sell this sauce in Canada. Oct 8, 06
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