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Chaser 5-hour Energy shot

$4.00 Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Pretty pricey. Even better than caffeine pills. It helps when going on runs.

The Cons:Your body won't absorb most of the excess vitamins contained in the shot (%8333 DV of B12, impossible to absorb). Using too often reduces if not eliminates effects. It's hard to find extensive information about. contains phenyketonurics? what is that?

The 5-Hour Energy shot is advertised on television as a "burst of energy" that won't make you "crash" when it wears off.  The label advises that the high levels of niacin may cause skin flushing and the sensation of heat in individuals not used to such a dosage.

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Product Shot 2 Contains 15 calories in each 2 oz. (60 mL) bottle and costs $2.49. Reviews say the drink is palatable, and the energy effects are pronounced well passed the 5 hour mark. Five Hour Energy shot does however sky-rocket your blood pressure to a dangerous degree, which can cause heart problems if used long-term.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Malic Acid, L-Phenylalanine, N-Acetyl, Caffeine, B6, B12 (500 mcg)

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  • 29

    pretty pricey

  • 12

    even better than caffeine pills

  • 7

    It helps when going on runs

  • 6

    it works

  • 2

    It is a easy up easy down surplus of extra energy. No jitters, heart racing or nausea.

  • 1

    Too expensive BUT it works.

  • 1

    suger free

  • 0

    it works:doesn't taste bad; 4 calories

  • 0

    small packaging

  • -3

    Cheap way to kill yourself!!!

  • -4

    it doesn't taste bad

  • -4

    Works wery well but are more dangerous to your heart than amphetamine, just as dangerous to your heart as ephedrine/adrenaline.

  • -4

    Jim Rome approved!

  • 16

    Your body won't absorb most of the excess vitamins contained in the shot (%8333 DV of B12, impossible to absorb)

  • 5

    using too often reduces if not eliminates effects

  • 5

    it's hard to find extensive information about. contains phenyketonurics? what is that?

  • 4

    Makes your blood pressure sky rocket and may give heart problems if you use it longterm.

  • 1

    Has tendency to last longer than 5 hours if not used frequently.

  • -2

    Works wery well but are more dangerous to your heart than amphetamine, just as dangerous to your heart as ephedrine/adrenaline.

  • -4

    "no-crash" is a lie, as product contains caffeine

  • -4

    You can possibly die!!!!

  • -6

    It tastes disgusting

  • -6

    Completely unnecessary when Wired 344s exist.

  • -7

    Makes you feel nauseous

  • -7

    Niacin flush

  • -11

    Does not work at all

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Channelle: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot Kabang Energy Candy is the best!!!!! NO CAFFIENE and no crash and only .59 cents. sold at Walgreens and rite aid stores nationwide..... Dec 18, 12
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Knuckl3s0: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot The most you get out of the energy drink is a 30 min rush, the drink taste nasty and I learned at http://5-hour-energy-review.com that it is also unhealthy and not rated by the FDA Mar 31, 10
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renozag: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot October 21, 2009

My 44 y.o. wife suffered a hemorrhagic stroke within 24 hours of using this product. She did not have a history of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or any other pre-cursor that would have increased her risk of having a stroke.

It simply isn't worth the risk. Oct 22, 09
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I can relate to renozag. My cousin is in a coma right now dues to hemorrhage stroke. He's on life support and as much as I want him to wake up, base on what I know, there is very little chance he will survive. I was told he has been drinking a lot of these 5 hours energy drink. He was a healthy young man (30 yrs old). I didn't know this drink has caused many people to die from heart attacks and stroke if I didn't google it. This is not how Christmas is like. Dec 25, 11

tony102401: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot

My father died from this product 5/2/09. He had a massive heart attack after drinking this product. He was going on vacation and less than a hour into his trip he pulled off the highway and had a heart attack a rest stop in st augustine, fl and passed away. He was a healthy 56 year old with no preexisting heart conditions. It was his first and last 5 hour energy drink.  Please beware of this product.

May 24, 09
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: who's up for shotgunning monsters I AM ^_^
    Aug 9, 11

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: that pretty lucky he wasn't going by plane... if a 5 hour energy drink killed him, im sure a lot of people would get pissed off when some old man died on there plane right at take off before they were to go on vacation... Aug 9, 11

mastma10: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot This Product works amazling well for me. It may not be for everyone, so be careful. I started by taking half the bottle(about 1 oz.) when i first tried it. The more I got used to it(after 5 bottles), then i started drinking the whole bottle.

I cover up the taste by buying the orange flavor and mixing half of it with my favorite Propel flavor (strawberry-kiwi) and I don't even recognized the disgusting taste. Jan 12, 09
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polandspring05: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot This highly varies for users! this is definitely to be noted.

I've definitely heard cases where it has worked well, and I have heard cases where there was no effect.

In my case, not only was there no effect, but I felt nauseous the whole day. Yes, even beyond the 5 hour mark.

I didn't think it tasted that bad though, but it definitely made me feel bad. Jan 11, 09
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jojomojo: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I had the WORST crash ever after drinking a whole one. I couldnt keep my eyes open after about 4 hours. I had enerygy for those 4 hours but then I was alseep in bed a few hours later. Not worth it! Dec 31, 08
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mrsrower: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I tried this a few times, always splitting the bottle, because I wanted more energy for fewer calories. But this stuff affected me big style- jitters, lightheadedness palpitations, sweats, followed by a big crash. NOT something I'd want to get used to. I switched to an energy patch instead (it is here: http://www.spotonenergy.com) and found that was much more manageable. Dec 29, 08
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corneydoggirl: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot First time i started taking them regularly, it began to feel like an addiction, I had to have one. At times the thing would not wear off, I timed it and it had lasted to appromixtly 11 hours, double the amount it says it last, and I had only taken one. One day at work I could not function Id have to sit down in the cold air, I was over-heating, Shaking, blacking out, and I'm in perfect health. I feel terrible now because ive introduced it to my co-workers and now i see the addiction within them, and I know everyone has different side effects, but too much of one vitamin can kill you, basically too much of anything can kill you. But people refuse to listen, so I am making a documentary and filming everything, from personal accounts to interviews to actually filming people on them before and after. I believe you should only take them for emergencies if its nessecary, for now ill keep you updated on how the filming process is going. Dec 8, 08
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pacewvu: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I tried this product for the first time today. I have to say that about 5 minutes after taking 5 hour energy I became extremely light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. That feeling went away for a while but then came back over and over for about 3 hours before it eventually stopped. I got so light headed that i began to see stars and had to find something to hold onto so that I wouldn't fall out on the ground. I know it probably works fine for most people but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because you really don't know how it is going to affect you until it may be too late. Oct 16, 08
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curious: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot

I totally agree with the comment above. I absolutely love this product, its a life saver during exam season. Anyway, the reason why I am posting is the 5-hour guys are giving away free samples... 5000 of them, I registered and am expecting my stuff soon, plus there's other really cool stuff too...

Oct 16, 08
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Mercedes.Miranda: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRINK. My precious 33-year-old son passed away on Wed, 1 Oct 08 at Womack Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, NC. He was in perfect health. He would always score 300 (perfect) in all his Army Physical Fitness Tests. He went out jogging that evening, and his heart stopped. The neighboors that found him tried to administer CPR, but they were unable to bring my son back. His heart and brain have been sent to a forensic institute in Walter Reed Army Hospital to determine the cause of death. The cousins that lived with him told me that he did use this product, so while I cannot state that this product was the cause of my son's death, I wouldn't trust it. Oct 10, 08
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jamaicanadianBACON: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I think that it works pretty well but it tastes like butt crack!!! lolz sorry I drank one this morning and I'm like completely wired!!! Sep 29, 08
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JBANK: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS STUFF GUYS!!!! I am 28 years old and in great health and shape but this stuff shot me to the moon. I should have known something was weird about it when they didn't disclose the amount of caffeine that is in it. Check the supplement facts label....It IS NOT on there. The company says it only has caffeine equal to a cup of coffee, but I have never had a cup of coffee that strong! When I took it, within minutes my heart beat felt like it was racing, I got shortness of breath, started to feel super jittery and even felt a little light headed at times! This uneasy and to be quite honest scary feeling lasted several hours and I actually had to leave work because of it. If I were to make any recommendation about this product, it would be STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!! Sep 18, 08
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MapLight: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot tried it for the first time today. took half a bottle around 9am and the other half around 2pm. i have been alert all day and no tiredness, no jitters, no crash. seems to work as advertised. taste is ok but not great (berry flavor)

taste seemed better chilled.

i have tried several other energy drinks (Monster, Rockstar, Redbull, Mountain Dew, etc) but this seemed to work as well or better with less calories. (i am at the age where i need less calories )

i bought a 2-pack for 3.99 at grocery store. that's $2 per drink. i have paid between $1.50 and 2.29 for other energy drinks (albiet more ounces), so i don't see where the price is that far off. i think those choking on the price are looking at per ounce cost instead of net effect per dollar Jul 31, 08
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wikimun: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot First time, seems to work ok. Concentration etc. increased. Noticed elevated heart rate and increase energy. Have been treated with much higher rates of b-vit and Niacin for illness I once had in the past (prescription levels), so I know these amounts are way below what you can take. -Don't think it will entirely help if you go without sleep so in that case I'd try one and if I was still tired try a energy drink on top. I'm curious to see what happens if you drink this on a regular basis, as far as your body getting used to the higher levels. Guess I will find out.

I was drinking 'No-Fear' energy drink because it had higher levels of caf AND lots of vitamins. Most other energy drinks have little or no vits and I know caf does only so much.

I've had a brain aneurysm and have temporal lobe seizures (every few minutes) which, for the most part just destroy concentration and cause a few other mild things. But since all the known medications don't work very well, energy drinks have been a partial life-saver for me and allow me to work at nearly a normal level (without seizures ). But high caf and sugar are a well known substitute per my endocrinologist. Not real good on the pancreas, though. Energy drinks really ended up reducing my sugar intake and the amount of sucrose in my blood. Jun 24, 08
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crbradfo: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I've used 5 hour energy before and it's great.... I'm wondering if all you people with negative results are drinking the whole bottle instead of half... I have only drank half the bottle both times i have tried it and it is amazing... I took it at 11 and night to study and was wide awake til past 4 in the morning for a Constitutional Law test... I was warned by someone at a healthy smoothie place before hand not to drink the whole bottle my first couple times so i didnt.... So for future reference to those who have not yet experiences, please drink half the bottle! I promise, 4 in the morning i could have stayed up longer and that was only on half the bottle
p.s. I was not shaky, too jittery to concentrate, no rapid heart beat... nothing....
LOVED IT!!! Apr 16, 08
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Hank: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I like this drink. It affects me exactly as advertised. It provides energy for around 5 hours and no crash. I usually drink only 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle when I feel tired or need some extra energy. It works nearly every time - occasionally it doesn't work. However, I can't say it wakes me up if I am drowsy, which sounds a little contradictory but it's true. I don't like the taste but it is worth it. Mar 4, 08
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Tampa Promoman
Tampa Promoman: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot The stuff works on two levels.....I don't have to drink 12-20 oz and the energy boost is HUGE. It does help my mind focus as well. That being said I would NOT recommend it be taken if you are going into a high stress situation or not going to work out or something.

I can also get a bit crabby and irritable on this one as well so don't discuss things or try get into an argument with the wife while under the influence. Feb 18, 08
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nesselco03: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot

I am 18, it was the week of exams and I had a Government test that I studied for, for the past week; the day of the exam I decided to take the 5-Hour Energy shot, and within five min. I couldn't breathe, my throat felt like it was closing up, I started to shake and couldn't talk. My, mom, a critical care nurse was with me at the time and helped me. I found out that my body couldn't handle the Niacin amount. So people who are considering trying this product, just keep in mind it is not for everyone.

Jan 17, 08
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deathkenli: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot r&binodem : niacin is vitamin B.

Chaser 5 Hour is amazing! You don't feel it because you don't feel jitter and high, it just keeps you gonig and going....

read this you morons
http://energy-drink-ratings.blogspot.com/2006/05/chaser-5-hour-energy-drink-review.html Nov 10, 07
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r&binodem: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot Now, for some thing serious to report. 5Hour Energy cost my husband a trip to the hospital per ambulance. He is a healthy man who drinks 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning but the first time he took this drink turned out costly. He developed symptons of a heart attack or stroke 5 hours after taking the 2 oz bottle. His emergency room doctor, cardiologist and neurologist couldn't find another reason other than this drink for his symptons. They read the label of the bottle and said his blurred vision, numbness in his left arm and profuse sweating were affects of the niacin. It caused him to collapse, loose consciousness and 3 days in the hospital. They ran a battery of tests on him and they concluded this drink caused this event. Thank God he recovered but please watch out! Oct 9, 07
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themoch: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot Just an FYI, this product contains high levels of chemicals (niacin, and b12) that might make you test as a false positive on a drug test. when they administer the test they check for things that flush out the body, and mask other chemicals, these two are on that list. Apr 3, 07
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KD1964: #chaser_5_hour_energy_shot I used Chaser once to stay up late. Maybe it helps some people, but I was not affected and it was disappointing. I anticipated feeling a jolt of energy, but it never came. Plus, it didn't taste good or sweet. I'm not a caffeine junkie, but I learned through drinking lots of energy drinks that it is best to stick to teas. Tea that contains caffeine or matiene like yerbamate, ginseng tea, black and green teas have me less likely get a stomach ache and "crash". Apr 2, 07
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