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Cadbury Caramilk

$1.00 Released January, 1968

Product Shot 1 The Pros:12 squares to eat now or later. Delicious. It's a secret how they get the caramilk into the chocolate.

The Cons:Messy if it breaks in or out of the wrapping. Melts incredibly easily. Too rich.

 Cadbury Caramilk is a caramel-filled chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury Adams in Canada. First sold in 1968, the candy bar has had variations including Caramilk Dark, Cappuccino, or Deluxe. Other variations that have been introduced are Caramilk 'Thick' and Caramilk 'Rolls' (similar to Rolo).

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Product Shot 2 The original Caramilk bars have 10 sections of milk chocolate that encase liquid caramel. These chocolate bars are only produced at Cadbury's Gladstone Chocolate Factory in Toronto, Ontario. A unique trait of this bar is that buyers are left to wonder how the soft, caramel centre is placed in the solid, milk chocolate shell. 


  • Caramel-Filled Milk Chocolate Bar
  • First Produced and Sold in 1968 by Cadbury Adams, Canada
  • Divided into 10 (2x5) Square Sections Filled with Gooey Caramel
  • Produced Exclusively at Cadbury's Gladstone Factory in Toronto, Ontario
  • Variations Include: Caramilk Dark, Cappuccino, Deluxe, Rolls, Thick, and Chunky

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    12 squares to eat now or later

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    It's a secret how they get the caramilk into the chocolate

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    Easy to share

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    Messy if it breaks in or out of the wrapping

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    Melts incredibly easily

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    Too rich

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