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Barq's Root Beer

$4.97 Released January, 2011

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Has a unique flavor to it. Has bite. Widely available.

The Cons:May be too harsh for some. Some will not like the unique flavor. Not nearly as good as A&W, Mug and Hires.

Barq's Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer is a brand of root beer most notable for having the popular tagline "Barq's has bite".  It was the first root beer in north america to not contain caffeine  and is sold by it's parent company Coca-Cola .

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Product Shot 2 It's said to have a more "rooty" taste to it when compared to other root beer on the market. It's also not as carbonated as other root beer on the market and pours very smoothly out of the can.  Regular Barq's has 22.5 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce serving (similar to green tea), while Diet Barq's has no caffeine.

Barq's Products:

  • Barq's Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer. Available caffeine-free in areas distributed by Swire Coca-Cola, such as Utah, as well as other markets nationwide [but unless otherwise stated, has caffeine].
  • Diet Barq's, which contains no caffeine. Available in Root Beer and Vanilla Cream.
  • Barq's Red Crème Soda
  • Barq's French Vanilla Crème Soda
  • Barq's Floatz, which is designed to taste like a root beer float
  • J & J Snack Foods Corporation licenses the brand name for Barq's Floatz ice cream squeeze tubes.

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    Has a unique flavor to it

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    Has bite

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    Widely available

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    Great for making ice cream floats

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    It has a unique taste. Some may say it is too strong but unless you want a wussy root beer it is the best. Mugs, Hires and A&W all are weak in taste compared to Barq's

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    In some areas such as Utah, regular Barq's is sold without caffeine.

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    may be too harsh for some

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    Some will not like the unique flavor

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    Not nearly as good as A&W, Mug and Hires

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    Overhyped when first introduced

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G. Jones
G. Jones: #barq_s_root_beer I love Barq's Rootbeer. As a matter of fact, it is much better than Mug, A& W and Hires. Will you please tell me why it not distributed in the 20 pack as the regular Barq's? Thank you. Jan 22, 13
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